DIY REGENERATION" is a project by the artists and architects collective public works as part of Junction: A series of artist's projects for King's Cross, commissioned by
Camden Arts Centre and supported by Bloomberg and the Wellcome Trust.

During July and August 2009 DIY REGENERATION is roaming the King's Cross area on the look out for active and activist residents, workers and commuters of King's Cross who make a difference to this area. The King's Cross redevelopment area is one of the largest inner city regeneration schemes in Europe and is confronting residents and users with large scale changes and top-down politics.

DIY REGENERATION is looking at the changes that are initiated and undertaken by individuals and groups on a day-to-day basis. The project is collecting tips and tricks on how to regenerate the area using local, bottom up initiatives - often running in parallel with the vast architectural and social changes brought about the developers and authorities involved.

DIY REGENERATION makes use of the FOLK FLOAT - a restored and revamped bright blue milk float, which houses the project while on site in Kings Cross. The float works as a mobile workshop space, billboard, archive and on-site office. All tips, advise and slogans are collected in poster format. The posters are produced ad hoc, and displayed on the roaming float on-site, and on this website.

To visit the project on site in Kings Cross contact Polly Brannan via email on:
polly [at]

Following the collection and publishing period on site, DIY REGENERATION will return to Camden Arts Centre in late August 2009, with an installation using the outcomes from the tour.

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